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Comfortable Pet Boarding Facility for Canines

Whether you are going on vacation, hosting out-of-town guests, or having a formal get-together in your home, you can consider dropping your furry friend at our comfortable pet boarding facility.

Call us at 248-685-1116 or visit our facility at 2834 S. Milford Road in Highland, MI.

Cage-Free Facility 

At Trinity's Pet Parlor, we believe in providing your dog with a homelike environment so that it doesn't miss you too much.

Get back your peace of mind knowing that your dog will be kept in a cage-free environment and will be allowed to play while it stays. We also have a big fenced backyard where your dog can run around and have fun.

Schedule Your Boarding Appointment Today

Schedule an appointment with our professionals for your pet boarding needs. Our experts will evaluate your dog's social skills and temperament before taking it in.

Rest assured knowing that your dog is in the company of other well-socialized and friendly dogs and is well taken care of in your absence. 
Contact us to schedule your dog's boarding appointment.
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